Laptop Policy

All Employees are given a Macbook Pro once they are recruited. They are expected to ensure proper care of the laptop. In case of any Hardware issues with the laptop reach out to Mike. While your laptop is on repair you will be given a temporary Macbook Air. For all software related issues please speak to Ben. Again, Macbook Air will be provided temporary while the your pro is in service.

In case you find your laptop screen to be small and difficult to work with, please reach out to Mike and he will provide a bigger to connect to while you are in office.

Most of the damages are reimbursed and taken care of by the company. Having said that data leakage, security breach are taken seriously. Please have your laptops checked once in 6 months by Mike/Ben to make sure you are all updated and there is data leakage or security breaches. Please read more on our Data Security policy here

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