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  • Plugin Requirements

    Minimum Requirements WordPress 3.8 or greater PHP version 5.3 or greater MySQL version 5.0 or greater The mod_rewrite Apache module (for permalinks)

  • Installing

    After purchasing the plugin, download the zip file from your CodeCanyon downloads page here: Unzip the downloaded file, and then inside, you’ll find a file named “”. This is the official plugin zip file that can be uploaded/installed. From your WordPress Admin, click “Plugins” from the main menu, then click the “Add New” button, […]

  • Core Settings

    Helpie’s settings are found in Dashboard -> Settings -> Helpie Settings. Under Core Settings tab, you can set the Title of the Helpdesk. The title is displayed in the main page of the Helpdesk located at archive page of custom post type. i.e To import data from other post types, you can use post-duplicator […]

  • User Access

    User Access tab has settings to control the access for different User roles. The option with the label : Who can access Help Desk? is the basic way to control the User Access to your Helpdesk. You can select who can access the Helpdesk : logged in users or anyone.   Under the Who can access Help Desk? […]

  • Components

    Component tab lets you choose to on/off Breadcrumb display

  • Page Settings

    Pages tab lets you choose sidebar, search for single, category and main pages.

  • Basic Shortcode

    You can use shortcodes to produce the following modules in any page you want. To use short-codes in WordPress template file, use: echo do_shortcode( ‘[shortcode-name]’ ); Main Page: ( pauple_helpie_main_page_shortcode ) You can use this short-code to display the Helpdesk main page in any page. Categories Listing: ( pauple_helpie_categories_listing ) You can use this short-code […]

  • Main Page Shortcodes

    You can replicate the main page using pauple_helpie_main_page_shortcode shortcode. Usage: [ pauple_helpie_main_page_shortcode ] ( without the spaces ) How it looks:

  • Sidebar without page scroll

    This single article page has a sidebar without the on-page scrolling. Clicking on the article titles on the sidebar will take you to the respective page. Add your own article content from WordPress admin. Retrieve an order Retrieves the details of an existing order. Supply the unique order ID from either an order creation request […]

  • User Happiness Index

    User Happiness Index is a key metric in measure the success of your Knowledge Base. This metric shows you the average score of user emotions from the emo-voting of the single articles. Here is how the User Happiness Index chart looks in your WordPress admin.