Helpie is a complete WordPress Knowledge Base plugin.

Making content the centerpiece is our core value. 

We get the distractions out of your way and let you focus on creating, sharing and collaborating on content.

Frontend Editing

Collaborating on content becomes so much easier with our frontend editing options. Add, edit or delete articles right from the front-end.

Powerful Search Engine

Our search engine searches to thousands of articles within seconds and prioritises results based on contextual weightage. It's even better than other paid WordPress search plugins.

Content prioritization and weightage

Priority and weightage is given to content appearing in different places like title, post content ( exact position in post content ), tags, etc.

Partial keyword match

Matching each word typed in the search box and checking each of them against the content. And each word contributes to the search results score.

Blazing fast live search

We have optimised the search system to work super fast even with thousands of articles in your knowledge base.

Access Control

Keep your content secure and restrict access to specific content using User Roles or Passwords.

Login Based

Allow anyone or just logged in WordPress users.

WordPress User Role Based

Restrict access to specific topics / categories to specific WordPress user roles, even user roles added by other plugins.

Password Protect Topics

Password protect specific topics / categories. You can add a single password to multiple topics / categories as well.

Table of Contents

Navigation is key in knowledge bases. Your customers / team can now find what they are looking for in a breeze.

Automatic TOC

Helpie's automatic TOC feature automagically adds the headings ( h1, h2, h3, etc ) in your articles into in-page navigation links in the table of contents.


You can also use the full KB navigation feature in table of contents to help you users jump to any part of the KB from your table of contents.

Toggle Topics

If you have a long list of articles under each topic / category, you can choose the toggle topic feature to show only the articles of current topic and hide the rest.