Sidebar with In-page Navigation

This single article page has a sidebar with the In-page scrolling. Clicking on the article titles on the sidebar will take you to the respective page, and clicking on the on-page titles will scroll the page to the corresponding title/section. For In-page navigation, you can give Heading tags which is a default feature in WordPress 

Note: The shortcodes should not have any spaces after “[” and before “]”. So if you copy them from below make sure to remove the spaced. Some content under the first title. You can use the short-code :

[ ph_sp_menu id='title1' label='First Label' ]

This is the first title.

[ /ph_sp_menu ] Some content under the second title. You can use the short-code :

[ ph_sp_menu id='title2' label='Usage' ]

How to use.

[ /ph_sp_menu ] Some content under the second title. Use the short-code [ ph_sp_menu ], with attributes id and label. The id attribute should be unique in the page, and label should denote the value you want to appear on the sidebar.

Last updated byEssekia on March 23, 2018
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