Complete Guide for Wiki Demo

Please follow the following steps to Replicate the Teamspace Demo.

  1. Install Helpie Plugin by going to Dashboard => Plugins => Add New => Upload Plugin => Select Helpie Zip file from your computer => Install Now . Once it is installed click Activate plugin. Once the plugin is activated, a new menu called Helpdesk will appear on your Dashboard.
  2. Note that, By default, the WordPress works on the theme called “Twenty Seventeen”. If you want to Just replicate our Wiki Demo, you have to install a theme called “Foundation child”.
  3. Next, the whole wiki demo has been created by Elementor page builder, so you need to install Elementor page builder. Its one of the fast growing page builder and is available for free. You can get the Elementor by going to Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add new -> and search Elementor in the search box which will be in the top right corner where you can get and install the Elementor for free.Once you activate the Elementor, create a page and select edit with Elementor option and you will be lead to a new page where you can edit your page with the Elementor as shown below.

There are four important components with Elementor in Helpie which are Category Listing, Article Listing, Hero section and Stats section. Below are the links to the articles of all those four components which will guide you through completely in creating a wiki demo perfectly.

Category Listing

Article Listing

Helpie Hero Section

Helpie Stats

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