Complete Guide for Startup Demo

Please follow the following steps to Replicate the Startup Demo.

  1. Install Helpie Plugin by going to Dashboard => Plugins => Add New => Upload Plugin => Select Helpie Zip file from your computer => Install Now . Once it is installed click Activate plugin. Once the plugin is activated, a new menu called Helpdesk will appear in your Dashboard.
  2. Note that, By default the wordpress works on the theme called “Twenty Seventeen”. If you want to Just replicate our Startup Demo , you have to install a theme called “Foundationchild”.
  3.  Next we will go on to Set the Main Page Title and Subtitle. To Set the Main page title and Sub Title go to Dashboard => Helpdesk => Helpie Settings => Core. Under Core settings, Give the title “Hi.How can we help” in Knowledge Base Main Title and “Search from over 12,000 articles” in Knowledge Base Sub-title.
  4. If you want to enable the front end editing option , Just select the “Enabled Frontend Editing” option in the same Core settings. You can also control who can and cannot edit in the Frontend in the core settings.
  5. Next, To customize the main Page title and subtitle, You can use style setting option. Style settings can be found in Helpdesk => Helpie settings => Styles. The styles that we have followed for the startup demo is shown below. You can customize as you wish. For more details on Style Settings refer doc Style Settings

6. Next we have added four categories using Helpdesk category in dashboard and some articles assigned to its Respective Category. You can add any number of articles and categories as needed for your work/Project.

7. Next, You can customize the main page as you want using the main page settings, like choosing the template for main page,listing style, assigning the order in which the categories needs to appear, Hide/Show the Search Display, Recent articles etc.. For more details on Main Page settings, please refer doc Main Page Settings. The settings that has been followed for Startup Demo  is shown below.

9. Next, you can see an Image added to each Category in the Main Page. To Add Image go to dashboard => Helpdesk Category => Image => Add Image. Once you have added it, the Image will appear in the respective category you have added the image to.

10. If you want description to be shown for every category in the boxed styling( For more on boxed styling,please refer doc Main page settings)  you can enable it using the option “Description for boxed style” in the main page settings.

Once you have followed all these steps, you could see the exact copy of Startup Demo in your website.

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