Main Page

The main page settings lets you control how the Knowledge Base Main page works and is arranged.

Main Page Slug / Helpdesk Slug

By default, the Helpdesk slug is ‘pauple_helpie’. But you can change it to any unique string you want. If you set this value to say ‘help’. Then your Helpdesk / Knowledge base will be located at

Main Page Template

The main page template lets you from 3 different layout types for the main page.

  1.  Basic
  2.  Boxed
  3.  Boxed1

Number of columns

This options let you choose the number of columns of the main page categories listing. This option does not apply to Basic template.

Number of articles under each category

You can choose how many articles to show under each category in the main page.

Main Page Categories

The main page categories option is a drag and drop feature where you can drag and drop to re-order, add, remove categories to be shown in the main page.

Search Display

Main Page – Categories

Main Page – Popular

Last updated by helpie_kb_user on January 26, 2017