Category Listing ( 3 )

There are 3 types of category listing templates available so far.

1. Basic:

Description: The basic template is a dynamic navigation of categories and corresponding articles.
[ pauple_helpie_categories_listing ] ( without the spaces )


2. Boxed:


Description: The boxed template is a boxed navigation of categories with category images. You can upload the category image in the page WP Dashboard -> Helpdesk -> Helpdesk Category.
[ pauple_helpie_categories_listing type=’boxed’ ] ( without the spaces )


3. Boxed1:

Description: The boxed1 template is a boxed navigation of categories with articles under the category. You can 
[ pauple_helpie_categories_listing type=’boxed1′ ] ( without the spaces )

Hot Tip:

Mainpage mix-n-match: You can use 

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shortcode with either of the above 3 shortcodes to create a new KB Main Page in any page you want.

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